Interaction Design

Interaction Design

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Hi everyone. This post is about interaction design, that will make you know the right method for designing thing!.

In interaction design, you should concern about

  •    Design; what it is, interventions, goals
  •    The design process
  •    Users; who they are, what they are like
  •    Scenarios; stories of design
  •    Navigation
  •    Iteration and prototypes

Golden rule of design

       You must understand your materials to design it suitably. You should concern about Human Computer Interaction; devices, user and their interaction.

To err is human

            Error from human is normal. User may behave under stress, you should design it user friendly.

Screen Shot 2556-05-12 at 3.02.23 AM

The next post is the last lecture for Social Computing Class. Dont miss it. Thank for visiting all my post. See you soon 🙂

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