Social Networking Security

Social Networking Security


          Have you ever aware of insecurity on Social Networking site? You may think that you are safe in your site; You can post, share or whatever you want and nobody can violate you site as long as you set your privacy to be secure. But, after you read this post, you may change your mind!

Online Social Networking (OSN)

         Online web services let people to connect with another to share information, post blog, post photo, etc. Now, there are many OSN, for example Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Benefits of OSN Communication

–       In business, many companies use OSN to market products and reach customers.
–       Connect with old friends, find new friends.
–       Play game with friends.


In the other hand,…

            OSN stores all user information, including each user full contact list. User often post his location where he is in his site. If there are any criminal reach your site and get information, you may be in danger.


OSN Security Threats/Attacks

  • Malware distribution : Malware or malicious software is used by attackers to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information and gain access to private computer systems.[2]
  • Cyber Harassment and stalking : It is a kind of people who pursue others online with the intention of frightening or embarrassing the victim. Cyber Harassment intends to teach the victim a lesson or solicit information from him or her, and Stalker generally want revenge or attention.[3]
  • Information “shelf life” in cyberspace : You actually cannot delete information that you posted from the network. Even if you are sure that post was deleted, but it still on the internet. Somebody can retrieve back.
  • Privacy issues : Information posted on OSN is generally public, unless you set privacy. Sometimes posts got people fired.
  • URL Shorteners : The URL short link does not tell you information of that link until you click.

Are you aware of insecurity on Social Networking site? See you next post! 🙂

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