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19th February, we started the class with talking about Social Graph of many friends, the app that we use is TouchGraph Photos that is application using via Facebook. You will see the relationship among of you and your friends.

What’s Social Graph

Social Graph is a graph that show mapping the relationship and flow between people.

This is my Social Graph from TouchGraph Application.

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You will see that there are many group of people separate by colors. The relation of each group based on your profile, messaging, tagging, joining some community. I will describe each group of my graph.

Red      – KMUTT friends.
Green  – Sacred Heart Convent School friends.
Light Green  – Sacred Heart Convent School Room 2′ friends.
Violet  – 2B KMUTT#6 friends.
Blue    – My sister and juniors in my high school.

Try TouchGraph app to see you social graph :D.

How Social Data traverse.

It traverses from one node to another. For example, Facebook suggests people that you may know, they maybe friends of your friends that this information came from your friend’s profile.

Screen Shot 2556-04-14 at 11.52.05 PM

How to make a Site Social

There are some concepts that will make your social site be a good site, the ‘S.O.C.I.A.L’ acronym.

S is Stimulating, a site should stimulate people to have interaction.

Presence : show who is online, where are friends now.
Identity : show profile of user to identity who user are.
Reputation : rate to show value in community.
Relations : show relationship among people.
Conversation : show what people are talking about.
Activities : what is going on right now.
Groups : self- organizing social groups.
Sharing : share favourite song, information knowledge.

O is Organic, a site should allow people to create his own structure, self organize his groups, free tagging, etc.

C is Collaborative, a site should have social collaboration and communication tools.

I is Intelligent, a site should have an effective set of collaborative filters and aggregation mechanisms to support interaction in social network.

A is Adapted, a site should be adapted to your social.

L is Linked, a site should offer user to connect to external social network and content. For example, LinkedIn, Blogger, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

This platform will make you social network be a good site social.

Thank for visited my post. See you next post. 🙂


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