Analytics : Measuring Marketing Success


Measuring Marketing Success

On April 2nd, we learned about measuring marketing success in Social Computing Class. Let I share you!

Measuring marketing success is to measure how your Social Media is success in marketing.

There are 2 methods of measuring marketing success

1. Web analytics

2. Data Mining


Web Analytics

Web Analytics are techniques to measure the contribution of online marketing for business and market research, and to assess and improve the effectiveness of a web site.

There are many type of web analytics

–       Static : The information comes from log file that records some transactions of  Web servers. Web site statistics consisted of counting the number of client requests made to the web server.

–       Real-time : The duration that people stay in social network site will be counted.

Onsite analytics

–       Web site traffic attributes and trends is how the traffic occurs in website.
–       Referrals from affiliates
–       Clickstreams and clickpaths to observe where the user of site are clicking and what type of information that user sought.
–       Website usability testing

Offsite analytics

– This will measure the potential audience, social media activity, social “listening” and “buzz”.

Technology-Enables Approaches

–  Server-side data collection; Log file analysis, Real-time profiling.
–  Client-side data collection
– Social media analysis
– Data mining

Decision Step before we started Analytics

First, you must know what is your business goals and what is your key performance indicators. Second, you should know about

–       Channel promotion : where did visitors com from, search engine, partner, advertisement ?
–       Channel buyer behavior : what do they do when they come to the site, which content they accessed , how long they stay in site.
–       Channel satisfaction : how happy are the visitors?
–       Channel outcomes
–       Channel profitability

Web Analytics Software

There are 2 main for obtaining website analytics data.

  1. Server-based : log file of server will record information about the requesting client computer; IP address, cookie, but not the user. And there are some caching that will make information is not completed.
  2. Brower-based page tagging : Google Analytics and Facebook Page Analytics

Data Mining

Data Mining is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information.

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