Core Concepts of Facebook Developments


12 February, In class, we discussed about core concepts of facebook; Social Design, Social Plugins, Login, Open Graph, Dialogs, Promote Your App and App Center. And i will describe about Social Design specially, because our group were responsible to present this concept in class.

Let’s start with Social Design.

Social Design

Social Design concerns about product design that puts social experience at the core. There are 3 elements of Social Design;Identity, Conversation and Community.

Curating Identity :


Facebook can build a profile that represents a user’s identity provides self motivation and personal value to users. Users can share their experience and be able to keep a record of activities.

Building Conversation :

Conversations are ways that people interact with another. An effective conversation is based in two experiences, Listening and Speaking.


Listening is the way that encourage users to participate with their friends. Facebook will show recently activities of friends that users can see, what their friend watched, what their friend did, and users can express what they like about friends by clicking like button.


Specking and sharing, facebook make it easy to users to talk, share, and give feedback. For example, Encourage Feedback; the comment plugin will make your friend easy give feedback your content on your site, and Encourage Sharing, that you can tag your friend in your photos, post or another. That is the effective way in sharing experience.

Utilizing Community :

Facebook helps you to build community, connect with your friend. For example, when users connect their account to facebook, it displays their friends, allow users to see friends’ playlists, favorite songs and listening history. It is easy for users to access their friend.


Modeling a Social Experience

There are 2 way to model a social product. The one is by working from the inside out. and the other is working from the outside in.

Inside out : Identity -> Conversation -> Community

Allow people to create an identity(profile), let them share and build a community.

Outside in : Community -> Conversation -> Identity

From existing community, users can make new conversations and continue to build their identities further.

Social Plugins

Social Plugins is the easy way that you can use Facebook Platform. For example, Follow Botton, Like Botton, Comments, Send Button, Login Button, etc.


Follow Botton : allows people to subscribe to other Facebook users directly from your site.
Like Button : lets users share pages from your site back to their Facebook profile.
Comments Plugin : lets users comment on any piece of content on your site.


” Facebook Login enables your app to interact with the Graph API on behalf of Facebook users and provides a powerful login mechanism across iOS and Android native apps, apps on as well as desktop and mobile web apps. “[7]

Open Graph


Users can create stories; the music they listen to, the movies they see, the styles they love and so on by sharing through apps online or on their mobile devices. The apps that connect to the Facebook Open Graph enable people to share their stories with their friends. When User’s friend see those stories, they have an opportunity to download or engage with the app.


” Dialogs provide a simple, consistent interface to display Facebook Platform dialogs to users. Dialogs do not require special user permissions because they require user interaction. Dialogs can be used in native iOS and Android apps, apps on along with desktop and mobile web apps.”[9]

Promote your app


Users can promote their app with ads and sponsored stories to reach the relevant people. Facebook can make sure that people will see your message and becoming fans, users, or customers. Try to do these through Facebook.

App Center


“For the over one billion people that use Facebook, the App Center is the central place to find great social apps. Everything has an app detail page, which helps people see what makes an app unique and lets them install it before going to an app.”[11]

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