29th January, in social computing class, we learned about Wikinomics. So, I will share you 🙂

I will describe four principles of Wikinomics and any model as listed
below :

  • Ideagoras
  • Prosumers
  • Wiki Workplace

Let’s start.

Wikinomics is new force that come from many people from another country. They come to share, brainstrom to do and develop many things in the world. These collaboration will make rapidly changing world.

There are 4 principles of Wikinomics; openness, peering, sharing and acting globally.


  • Openness :  is to open to external ideas, make their companies be transparent.
  • Peering : Everyone is peer. they can share, work together via online network. It is mass collaboration for production. It is more effectively than hierarchical management. For example, Youtube, Linux Wikipedia, etc.
  • Sharing : The company share products to another. Another can develop them.
  • Acting globally : The company open to the world. This will have changes in collaboration to pioneer and product products. The companies that were succeeded know the world; markets, technologies, people.


These are the example models of Wikinomics.

  • Ideagoras : Market ideas system is for helping the company to find solutions of any question or find new questions.
  • Prosumers : It is convergence between consumer and producer. It is a kind of user-generated content. The customer can be a co-innovator.
  • Wiki Workplace : The workplace becomes a self-organizing and make mass collaboration be spontaneous.

for more information, visit related link below. Thanks for visited my blog. 🙂

Related link :





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