Hottest Trends To Watch Out For In 2013


22 th January, Aj. june, the instructor lets we see ‘Web Design : 20 Hottest Treands To Watch Out For in 2013’ and told us to discuss about this in term of Usability Engineering. Our group selected 3 trends of Web Design; Retina Support, Large Photo Background and Minimalist Landing Pages.


Started with the first, Retina Support, is a LCD display that has a high density at 326 pixels per inch. Your eye can’t distinguish individual pixels. This design will make user see picture distinctly.


The second is Large Photo Background. It is a web design that make you get an idea by photo background. I’m sure you ever seen this kind of web design. For example, the website that sell cloths, it will use photo to describe what they sell?. On page that sell shirts, using shirt photo background, sell trousers, using trousers photo background. This will help customer easy to understand what this page sell, and make website is attractive.


The Last, Minimalist Landing Pages, is the idea of web design that keep everything simple and focus on product that sell on the website. This will make website be modern and clear.

All of these web designs is attractive to use. It make customer easy to understand what is on page and make the website is interesting.

Hope you guys enjoy with my post. Thanks for visited. 🙂

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