Web 2.0 is ?


In early internet, almost websites are one way communication.The owner of website is the only one that can control and show information on the web. User can only read the information. But now, Web2.0 was developed to be the website that user can interact with another on the internet by creating own information, sharing information, etc. It’s two way communication. This concept leads technologies develop to web services such as Blog, Social Network and Wiki.


There are many technologies and features on Web 2.0

– Common user or member can interact with another through social network.

– User can create his blog easily by no knowing about software.

– Give precedence into the information.

– Sharing feature.

– Authoring feature.

– Tagging feature.

– linking feature.


Now, Social networks,ones of  web2.0 are popular , for example, Facebook, Tweeter, Wiki, Youtube, etc. Many people around the world know and join it. And I’m sure, you are the one who join. 🙂 Is web2.0 good ?

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