Usability Engineering : Lecture 3 review


Last tuesday, 22th january, we studied about Usability Engineering in Social Computing class. So, i will share you what is Usability Engineering.

What is Usability Engineering?


From Introduce to Social Computing Post that i posted, I told you that Usability Engineering is a field that is concerned about human-computer interaction and try to make computer interface to have a high usability for user to use. But in real, there are no clear definition of them. From my searching, many post also told that Usability Engineering is a process focuses on user-centered design (UCD) and try to ensures good usability of product.

Usability Goals

– Effective and efficient to use

– Safe to use

– Easy to learn

– Easy to remember how to use

To ensure that the product has a high usability, there are 4 core evaluation paradigms to measure it.
– Quick and Dirty
– Usability Testing; measures typical users performing real tasks and recording the time taken or number of error.
– Field Studies; done in users natural setting to identify opportunities for new products and determine requirements for design
– Heuristic or predictive evaluation.

Some information come from Usability Engineering, Lecture 3, Social Computing Course. And this post is part of my lecture 3 review.

Hope you guys get information and enjoy it. See you next post. 🙂

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