Siam Center

” Did you guys come to Siam Center? “

Yeah! Siam Center is now opening.


After Siam Center is closed for another renovation for a long time. Last Friday, 11th January, it is re-opening officially with new theme design ‘ideaopolis’ that is so interesting of arts, digital art and interactive works.

IMG_6814Photo Jan 11, 7 15 12 PM

One opening door, there are two big board that will show story and they will reflect to the mirror. Many people come to this zone to take a photos. If you enter from this door, you will see how’s amazing of them.


On ceiling, there is a Big LED board!. The screen on LED will always changes. You will feel like the pictures on screen live and be real!. if you come, don’t forget to look up to ceiling.


Digital stair is the one that people are interested. I think this stair may be have LEDs to show the light because if it uses the projector to show, the light from projector should reflect on people body, but this’s not. It should be LEDs more than. After i go closely this stair, i will tell you right information later. 🙂


This is Idea flow. You can write the message to the board, then the message shows on the ball. This a digital technology that i’m sure you will like it!


There are many people came to play this zone. You can see many stories through Timeline Tube.


Reflecting Cloud on 1st floor, inside it, has many mirror that reflect people who come in, and have monitor TV to show you a story of Siam Center from past to now on.  Let’s enjoy them and beware you head!

Photo Jan 19, 5 54 54 PMPhoto Jan 19, 5 54 58 PMPhoto Jan 19, 5 56 01 PM

This zone on 1st floor, has many models, people always come to take photos with them. It’s in front of Magnum Cafe.


This is a doll that always has many graphics show on its body. May be it uses projector to show graphic. I’m not sure how it work, because i saw it in monitor TV. After i came to Siam Center again, sorry that i cannot find where is it. If you know, please tell me. 🙂

Photo Jan 19, 5 58 17 PMPhoto Jan 19, 5 57 56 PM

The pop culture exhibition is now showing. There is small room that you can come to joy with many arts.


On the wall of emergency stair, has a digital art, the graphic will slowly change from one pictures to another. It’s good idea to use only one frame to show many pictures.


On 2nd floor, was decorated by many dolls in ‘I Love Siam Dolls‘ Concept. The dolls were designed by Thailand celebrities e.g. Bird Thongchai , Tun Passakrontee,

Sorayut Suthatsanajindā , etc. And if you enter from the door that is a skywalk from Paragon, you will see many nice lamp.


On 3rd floor, there is a digital board. Touchscreen technology is easy to use. Just you touch on the floor on digital board that you want to see shops, board will show information of that floor. You can use your fingers to zoom in/out the information likes you use iPhone. And there are many features that facilitate to you such as searching shop. Don’t worry to find shop, try this !


On 4th floor, have digital cloth board that is amazing!. You can try many new cloths here. It has many shops, many cloths, you can select. After selecting cloth, stand in front of board and face with board. The board has camera to detect you body to show. Zoom in/out feature will help you to configure the cloth to fit you with it. And there is a function that connect with social network, instagram ! 😀 easy to connect and send your photo! In future, I think this technology will be developed to be better, has a camera or use kinect to detect your body shape, and program will configure cloth to fit your body automatically.


The day that i came, is the first day that Siam Center opened officially. So, there were show following picture above. Hope you gays enjoys to my post. Don’t forget to visit Siam Center for new experience to see how’s amazing ! 😀

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