Upcoming Technology That May Change The World


In the future, the world will see with many digital technilogies that will change the way people lives, e.g., Google glass, Form1, Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, Eye Tribe, SmartThing, Firefox OS, Project Fiona, Parallela, Google Driverless Car, etc. All of these will revolutionize the world to be Virtual world. And people can interact with them. So,

How these technologies will effect Social Computing?


The upcoming technologies, for example, Google glass; that is a Augmented Reality technology, Augmented Reality is new innovation that integrate real world with virtual world, people can see 3D on real environment on real time. So, Google glass will let you are able to reach the social network easily while you are on ground. You can view feeds, text, google maps, take photos, etc.


Eye Tribe; the eye-tracking technology that people do interaction by his eyes. I think this technology is suitable who be game addict. While you are eating, you can also play game! It’s convenient for you to use eye-tracking, instead of using hand.

The next is, SmartThings; this device has many benefits, that you can connect digital device and non-digital device. You could track who are in your home, turn on/off the light when you are in room or not. It’s make convenience and safety to you!


Last, Firefox OS; Firefox system is a new mobile Operating System. You can use the Firefox system on iOS or Android. So, you can call friends, brows web, take photo, play game through Firefox OS.

These are interesting!, right? 🙂

Therefore, I think upcoming technologies will make people life more convenient and easy to interact with another. And technology will get even better.

Thanks you, 10 Upcoming Technology That May Change The World topic of hongkiat.com to be an inspiration for this post. Hope you guys get any inspiration! Thanks for visited.

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