Social Network : Part to The Future


Hi, Everyone. This week, Aj.June, the instructor of Social Computing Course let us to see the 2 infographic. One is Social Network Yearbook and the other is Tomorrow’s World.

Lets see!

Are you see the details ? if not, click at the picture to see in high quality.

qualeoblog-citizen-brando-infographic-redes-sociais tomorrow
The left is Social Network Yearbook and on the right hand side is Tomorrow’s world. Okay ! Are they interested ? ūüėÄ

Yeah! Aj.June told us to think about what we see in infographic about social network and then discuss in our group. So! in this post, I will share my idea first!

The Past of Social Network

Like you can see in Social Network Yearbook infographic.¬†Social Network has been born for long time ago. Yes, It was¬†born before I was born. ūüėÄ There are many social network in the world. Some of them is developed continually. And lastly social network is easy and convenient to use that is the reason that make they’re popular. Some social software is a kind of various features, for example communicating with another, sharing photo, doing business like Facebook. But some people like another kind that has some special features such as Instagram that is for people that like to take and share photo, Foursqure that is for check-in, where you are, etc. And I think the next social network will can response all of lifestyles.

Tomorrow’s world

In tomorrow world, there are the predictions that many¬†things can be real in the world. Focusing on Computing and¬†robotics and the Society, i think some predictions can be¬†true. For example Patients are prescribed medical apps by¬†their doctors, play virtual games based in your own¬†neighbourhood, tracking technology is embedded in the¬†bodies of more than 50 percent of Americans, because some¬†predictions is be real now but it’s not widespread. And the¬†technology in tomorrow world will be go ahead and more¬†comfortable.

Then i will share our group idea about tomorrow’s world.

In our group, we all agree the predictions, some of us told that some of predictions is now real. For example, virtual games based in your own neighbourhood, ‘Sunny’ one of my friend told that there is a game that people can be play with real people around their area via network. And i agree with sunny, because there are many social networks that can identify that place where you are. And our group focus on social network software, ‘Yong’bro told us that he think, the new social network would happen in future, the new social network will can identify that is real you, there are no fake account. It will comfortable for you to do any transactions through social network. But now it’s just an idea. But our group think many predictions can be happen certainly in future !!. Waiting to see.

And you, How do you think ?. Lets share ! ūüėÄ

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